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CITIC $ 5,000,000,000 layout Zhanjiang clear the way for the 6 billion tons of Australian ore

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  Exclusively from the province's first Ocean Expo was informed that the CITIC Group plans to spend $ 5 billion to the layout of Zhanjiang. The investment in CITIC is called killing two birds with one stone: not only won the exclusive right to operate Baosteel Zhanjiang 10 million tons of iron and steel base to include engineering equipment transportation, transportation of raw materials, auxiliary materials transportation and finished product transportation logistics system; as well as CITIC Pacific Australia has 60 million tons of iron ore landed and prepared the way.
  $ 5 billion to buy 15 tankers
  Plan the long-Baosteel Zhanjiang steel base project the good news of success, but this time, to the central enterprise CITIC Group.
  December 30, 2010, Guangdong Province, the first marine Fair Opens in Zhanjiang, 4000 merchants together Zhanjiang. Which, from Hong Kong and Thailand International Holdings Limited surname Yang, vice president and his party are exceptionally low-key, visited the mayor of Zhanjiang City, Nguyen Day of Health and other local dignitaries, but the local media did not do a word mentioned reports.
  Reporters learned from the Zhanjiang Municipal People's Government Taifeng visit Nguyen day students, mainly talking about the logistics of the iron and steel base in Zhanjiang, Taifeng International plans to invest $ 5 billion to buy 15 tankers used to transport iron and steel base in Zhanjiang raw materials, and so on.
  October 10, 2010, the Sino-Tech International to 1.844 billion yuan acquisition of a 90% interest in CITIC Logistics, followed, completed the acquisition of the remaining 10% stake. CITIC Logistics Beijing successfully won the bid Zhanjiang steel plant BOO (under construction - with the - operator) project, and set up a project company to operate the project in Zhanjiang.
  Public information, logistics CITIC CITIC 1993 motor transport limited liability company to grow and develop from; 2003, the company was reorganized as the CITIC Logistics Co., Ltd.. By virtue of the excellent brand and strong support of the CITIC Group, CITIC Logistics Development of China's logistics hundred enterprises ", was first elected in 2004, goods vehicles, transportation and warehousing, project logistics services and chemical products, the field of logistics has become well-known party logistics provider, has formed a good relationship of cooperation with Toyota cars, Shell, Shenhua, China Dongfeng Nissan, BASF Chemical, Mitsubishi Chemical and other well-known enterprises.
  Southern Reporter exclusively learned that CITIC Logistics Beijing and Guangdong Iron and Steel Company in Zhanjiang, a formal agreement entered into on September 26, 2010, pursuant to which CITIC Logistics Beijing and Zhanjiang steel factory to build, own and operate (BOO) transport of raw materials and special tanker transport the logistics system. According to Zhanjiang, a formal agreement, CITIC Logistics Beijing will be granted the exclusive right to operate for the construction and operation of the logistics system, a period of eight years and charge a service fee.
  In addition, CITIC Logistics Beijing and Guangdong Iron and Steel Company entered into a strategic cooperation agreement, pursuant to which the parties agreed to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership, Zhanjiang Iron and Steel logistics system work together to ensure efficient, economic and anterograde. According to the strategic cooperation agreement, the parties agreed to the all-round cooperation in various ranges, including engineering equipment transportation, transportation of raw materials, auxiliary materials transportation and finished product transport, involved in the project including scrap the project in Zhanjiang, Zhanjiang domestic transportation projects and Zhanjiang finished products with contra items.
  It is worth noting that the information on the Stock Exchange, the CITIC Motor Company on November 25, 2010, per share in the OTC average price of 0.4 yuan, chief holders of Sino-Tech International of nearly 565 million shares, or 6.5 percent. The CITIC Motor Company was founded in 1993, to subordinate a wholly owned subsidiary of China CITIC Group.
  Equity structure, the main shareholder of the Hong Kong Tai Fung International Group Co., Ltd. are: CITIC Group and the Company Directors and principal shareholder Mr Li. Mr Li also holds a 30% interest in CITIC Logistics. In other words, Taifeng acquisition of CITIC Logistics, in fact, related party transactions.
CITIC Pacific's six billion tons of iron ore
  Sino-Tech International plans to invest $ 5 billion to buy 15 tankers behind CITIC Pacific in Australia, iron ore, about 60 million tons of reserves, of which one billion tons have been identified.
  2006, CITIC Pacific has spent a lot acquisition in Australia Tenement123 Miner-alogy, 124, 125 at 20 million tonnes of magnetite resource exploitation rights and the right to subscribe for a further 40 million tons of mining rights. Magnet project from the Preston corner Tenement of 25 kilometers of Western Australia is the largest overseas production base of iron ore in the Chinese-funded enterprises, according to the current ore mining calculation is one of the world's largest iron ore mining project.
  In October 2008, CITIC Pacific announced that the leveraged foreign exchange contract for the sale suffered a loss of 10 billion yuan. When CITIC Pacific chairman Larry Yung Chi Kin explained, the Company entered into a leveraged foreign exchange contracts, currency risk in order to hedge the Australian iron ore project. Capital expenditure of 20 billion tonnes of magnetite investment projects in the 25-year period of the project will be fully operational a year to spend at least $ 1 billion, in order to reduce the currency risk faced by the project, so with 13 foreign banks signed a number of leveraged foreign exchange sale and purchase agreement, agreed to the Australian dollar exchange rate of 1:0.87, and then the exchange rate has fallen to 1:0.6, resulting in CITIC Pacific's loss exposure of up to HK $ 14.7 billion.
  Is to stop the share price decline of CITIC Pacific, CITIC Group, CITIC Pacific after another capital injection of about $ 1.5 billion (about 116.25 million) from 29.438% to 57.558% stake of CITIC Pacific.
  Nevertheless, two billion tons of magnetite in today's opinion on many levels with specimens significance; This is the largest investment project of Chinese-funded enterprises in overseas mining areas in the Australian resources sector is also one of the few 100% equity project, it is the only Chinese-funded enterprises in recent years in the field of Australian iron ore really involved in the substantive operation of the project.
  It is reported that the project originally planned a total investment of $ 4.2 billion in the first half of 2009 production. Increased due to a change of circumstances, not only the total amount of investment adjustment of $ 5.4 billion, but actual progress is lagging far behind the commissioning date was postponed to the end of 2010. With the subsequent production lines in phases put into commercial operation, plans to the end of 2011, export volume was 27.6 million tons ore powder.
  Surge in shipping fees last year, CITIC Pacific are unwilling to endure the high freight, and decided that the climax of the shipbuilding industry, purchased 15 boats for iron ore and coal transportation, the implementation of the train operators.
Layout of the Zhanjiang Port, the radiation?
  However, Baosteel Zhanjiang 10 million tons of iron and steel projects are still full of uncertainty Baosteel Zhanjiang construction of a designed annual capacity of 20 million tons, the first phase of construction scale of 10 million tons of quality steel base. Of the project for Baosteel and Guangdong are of strategic importance.
  However, the Development and Reform Commission, Zhanjiang project in March 2008 agreed to carry out preparatory work, has not been formally approved the project to start building. Subsequently, the relevant state restrictions on steel production capacity of policy under increasing pressure, including Baosteel Zhanjiang project and Wuhan Iron and Steel Fangchenggang project, including two new steel base construction dragged on, has been unable to clear.
  In this regard, one close to the Taifeng who told reporters the South, even if the Baosteel Zhanjiang project delay does not start, still does not affect the Taifeng international strategic layout.
  Zhanjiang is a deep water port, iron ore origin away from Australia, is a national transportation hub, located in Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan occupies, with roads, railways, ports, airports, pipelines and five integrated transport system. In addition, Zhanjiang is an important port city in the country, with a 30-ton waterway, the country's largest, most advanced technology and modern Terminal Zhanjiang Port 300,000-ton bulk cargo wharf has been full construction of the building; 2010, Zhanjiang Port, opened a 400,000 ton channel construction of preliminary work to be started in the "12th Five-Year" period China's first 40-ton waterway engineering, the upper hand in the trend of the world's large ocean ship. CITIC Pacific iron ore, Zhanjiang Port is undoubtedly the best landing.
  It is reported that 30-40% of magnetite produced by the project will be sold to CITIC Pacific in domestic enterprises, CITIC Pacific's Jiang Xing Cheng Special Steel Works as well as new smelting steel, with an annual output of 8 million tons capacity, another steel giant Wuhan Iron and Steel demand may be more than 600 million tons, the rule of demand to participate in the project about five million tons, while the remaining share will be reserved for other domestic companies to the project also includes a Zhanjiang steel base.

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