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The domestic steel market into the New Year Quotes "confused" but as according to the inertia

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  The disadvantaged steady, sluggish performance, the cost of support, which is the basic trend of the domestic spot steel market bid farewell to 2010, to meet the 2011. According to the latest market reports provided by the well-known domestic iron and steel information organizations steel, steel seemed confused in the business of the differences and see the market for only in accordance with the inertia.
  According to the judgment of agency analysts, the current domestic steel spot market is basically the disadvantaged steady trend. Under weak transactions and the financial pressure is gradually emerging market performance downturn. " Although the cost of support, not the will of the business fell. Just under selling pressure, some businesses to take markdowns means, in order shipped cash. Market more confused state of mind, for the trend of late, market participants began to diverge, the thicker atmosphere of the parties to wait and see.
  According to analysis, the weakness of the domestic construction steel market decline. Has entered the traditional sense of the demand for off-season, around the gradual weakening demand. However, iron and steel raw material prices remain strong, it is estimated that the first quarter of next year agreements iron ore import prices rose about 7%, coke, steel billet prices are still showing a rising trend, the rising costs of supporting steel. Market participants to reflect the current stalemate of the market, traders in terms of more pain. ", The short term, this kind of" stalemate "vulnerable situation will continue.
  Domestic hot rolled coil market, it is noteworthy that: At present, around the market inventory levels remained quite high in the hot rolled stock in the Shanghai market is expected to reach 2.7 million tons, businesses are expected after the Spring Festival, this inventory levels may be close to or to break through the 10 years since. Under the influence of the amount of days of inventory and hold stocks of high cost, the majority of businesses pessimistic about the recent market.
  Domestic cold rolled steel market turnover is relatively normal, a more robust business mentality. Since January 1, 2011, the vehicle purchase tax preferential policies to cancel, which will spread to a number of steel prices, the impact of cold-rolled deep red material needs. At present, the cold rolling stock of the mainstream of the city's rise is not obvious, the local resource gaps still exist, the market prices of cold rolled outlook to expected strong.
  The relevant market participants told reporters after the rate hike, the cost of capital has increased, coupled with the current high steel prices in the market so far does not appear the massive Dongchu "phenomenon. On one hand, the crude steel production into the rising channel, the increase in supply will inhibit the rising steel prices space; the other hand, the cost of support is more obvious, market expectations of rising steel prices. Estimated in 2011 after the market opened in the steel market, is unlikely to greater fluctuation, as only in accordance with the inertia.

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