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The development of steel industry to break through the bottleneck restriction

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  Iron and steel industry: "Basically, these problems do not exist"
  From the general low level of technical equipment, backward technology, technology and equipment are of world-class level; to the large steel companies in the yield and quality can not meet domestic demand from high value-added products to the bulk of ordinary steel has considerable international competitive market with the necessary high-end varieties is usually able to provide. During the "15" "five" research joint research, China's steel industry what it was, not only in full breakthrough technical bottleneck constraints of their own development, but initially out of a high performance - low cost - minimization - low emissions - can be recycled steel materials technology and product support of China's urbanization and industrialization path.
  The beginning of the new century, many industrial categories of China's national economy is big but not strong "common problem", reflected in the iron and steel industry was very typical - production capacity and output for many years ranked first in the world, but the core technology controlled by others, the high-end varieties dependent on foreign . And now, "Basically, these problems do not exist", the Chinese Academy of Engineering, chairman of China Iron and Steel Research and Technology Corporation, Director of Continuous Casting Technology, National Engineering Research Center Gan Yong in an interview with Science and Technology Daily reporter made so the overall judgment.
  Dry Yong, China's iron and steel enterprise technology and equipment to a large proportion of the world's advanced level, Baosteel, Anshan Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Shougang Group, Maanshan Iron & Steel, Handan Iron and Steel and other large enterprises, and equipment are world class level. He also said that each year we 700 million tons of production capacity, over six hundred million tons of production a huge scale, it is not possible is a high level, there are still problems of structural adjustment.
  It is understood that, important as the technology level of iron and steel industry one of the hallmarks of the continuous casting ratio, 10 years ago, less than 70 percent in China, developed countries have more than 90%; Today, more than 95%, with the iron and steel industry is the most developed of the German , Japan, Korea and other countries comparable to the international average of 80%.
  Another important indicator - energy consumption per tonne of steel, 10 years ago in China is 1.29 tons of standard coal, 20% -40% higher than the world average; Even today, the overall 5% -10% of the gap, but our medium-sized enterprises an average of 650-660 kg of standard coal, is close to the current world average; and large enterprises in China is roughly equal to the level of developed countries. , The Baosteel power consumption per tonne of steel is 712-713 kg of standard coal, slightly higher, because of its deep processing chain length.
  Then the kinds of product variety, the staple products of China's low-end steel material has a considerable international competitiveness. Among them, bar and wire rod with full varieties and specifications covering the product quality and cost of international competitiveness; With the rapid rise in recent years the construction of hot-rolled plates and plate capacity comes on stream, the plate has been basically have the most varieties and specifications of the production capacity, quality and cost of some products with international competitiveness.
  In high-end varieties, signs a national iron and steel industry the level of car panels and advanced pipeline steel (X80) has been basically to achieve localization ". Since 2009, China's auto production and sales had surpassed Japan and the United States to become the world's first car panels practical relations to the people to improve the quality of life of the large amount of a wide range of products, can not always depend on others; same large-diameter high-pressure long-distance oil and gas pipelines steel technology breakthroughs to make our walk in the world in the field, the successful construction of the West-East Gas Pipeline Project, China quite a long time for the future meaningful long-distance pipeline development .
  Accordingly, the high-end manufacturing, including bearing steel, gear steel, spring steel, non-quenched and tempered steel, die steel is widely used general-purpose special steel varieties, China's steel enterprises in the gas content control, inclusion control, hardenability with control, process economic optimization of sexual control technology has made considerable progress, the products can basically meet the domestic demand. In the energy sector, China already has the ability to bulk construction of 600 ° C steam parameters of ultra-supercritical thermal power units, and has achieved a 580 ° C steam parameters ultra-supercritical thermal power units with the overall localization of the key iron and steel materials, are to carry out the steam of 600 ℃ parameters of ultra-supercritical thermal power units with key iron and steel materials, a comprehensive domestic technology research; has mastered to the CPR1000 as the representative of the second generation semi-PWR nuclear power plant construction steel materials technology is the AP1000 as the representative of three generations of PWR nuclear power unit construction steel materials technology technical research. Is accelerating the development of domestic high-speed railway, large vessels, Bridge and Marine Engineering equipment (such as offshore oil platforms), a variety of high strength and toughness of steel, China also have been or are to have the basic capacity to meet market demand .
  In addition, the defense system of steel can not be obtained from abroad, China after 60 years of hard work, innovation, basically meet the demand for aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships and nuclear engineering key model building using advanced special steel.
  When asked about the 10 years such a huge step forward in how to do, Gan Yong analysis, the first is the rapid economic development in the context of strong demand pull: the domestic steel demand for years to increase the scale of 50 million -1 million tons, the world Only China has more than 5000 million tons of new capacity may be. In this process, huge enterprises to invest in new production capacity with the most advanced equipment, rapid increases in the level of technology. Secondly, after decades of accumulation, adhere to the introduction - digestion - absorption - the process of the new road, and gradually formed the ability to recognize and breakthrough industry bottlenecks. Steel industry joint research, exemplary in all industrial categories, the most representative is established in 2006, a new generation of recyclable steel process industry innovation strategy alliance "is a domestic industrial innovation alliance, by the industry the strongest of the hospital, three universities, six-enterprises, technology innovation has played a tremendous role. The third is a group of academic leaders, Xu, Yin Rui Yu, Weng Yuqing, a Fellow of the group to grasp the general direction of the industry, technological innovation.
  Gan Yong stressed that the biggest problem now is that ordinary steel (including production capacity have been excessive, especially the wire capacity of a serious surplus of bar and wire rod, sheet and tube), which of course China is at a stage of accelerated development of industrialization and urbanization are closely related to . The data from the China Steel Industry Association show that China's steel industry is currently more than 700 million tons of production capacity, production of more than 600 million t, mainly to housing construction industry for more than 50%, and in quite a long period of time, around buildings and their supporting industries of steel consumption is still enormous. "Serious surplus of reality capacity to promote China's iron and steel enterprises from the scale and efficiency to the technical varieties, which is a necessary stage of transition from steel power to a steel power".
  Ordinary steel overcapacity at the same time, some high-end varieties, such as some of the top products in the cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, there is a small amount of imports, which of course is not a problem, because even the most developed countries, they can not all own dry. Gan Yong estimates that next year we may solve this technical problem. In addition, a number of ultra high strength steel, the top bearing (such as high-speed rail wheels, bearings), we are still far from to be the "12th Five-Year" period to achieve a breakthrough in equipment, technology, industrial process of structural adjustment. Gan Yong expects, "12" to achieve these breakthroughs, should have no problem.

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